Six People Charged

Six People Charged

I. Summary:
Six Charged in Platinum Jet Teterboro Crash, Five executives and a pilot associated with now-defunct Platinum Jet Management have been charged in connection with the 2005 crash of a Challenger 600 following an aborted takeoff at Teterboro (N.J.) Airport. Arrested yesterday were Platinum Jet Management president Michael Brassington; his brother and vice president Paul Brassington; managing member Andrew Budhan; and director of maintenance Brien McKenzie Harrison, K.J. (2009) ¶ 1).

II. Problem:
Conspiracy to commit continuous willful violations of regulatory requirements for the operation of commercial charter aircraft while only certified to operate under Part 91. Platinum Jet as an on-demand commercial jet charter company without having a Part 135 certificate.

III. Critical Factors:
To be able to run a charter operation, an owner must meet all airworthiness requirements and have been certified under Part 135. In addition, the certificate owner of the Part 135 has to have total operational control over its aircraft. Platinum did not have the necessary paperwork to provide air charter services and could not carry passengers.
They were using a carrier out of Atlanta Georgia (Darby Aviation’s) Part 135 certificate under the business practice known as a piggybacking agreement. The reason this practice was illegal is due to lack over-site on part of Darby Aviation. They should have controlled all aspects of Platinum’s aircraft to render a profit for both companies.

IV. Development of Two Alternative Actions:
1) Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration, and local authorities should randomly spot checks to make sure businesses are operating in accordance with regulations that govern their business.

Businesses would most likely abide by the rules because they understanding they can be inspected at any time. Basically open door policy.

Safety awareness should increase and maintenance...

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