Sociology and Other Social Scinces

Sociology and Other Social Scinces

The Relationship Between Sociology And Other Social Sciences
sociology deals with society[people];how people interact,their culture,norms,values just like other socioal sciences like psychology,economics,psychology which also deal with people and how they behave,their mental processes.
there is also a relationship between socoilogy and economics which is another social science.economics deals with the production of goods and services and how they are distributed to people just like sociology which also consider how tghe goods are distrbuted to members of the society.

Social work and sociology
Social work deals with human behaviour on a micro-scale, compared to the macro-scale study of human behaviour that is involved in Sociology. Social workers are more practical and "hands-on". They deal with human behaviour on a person to person, individual basis compared to the more academically based sociologists who are more theory-oriented and study human behaviour as a whole.
Psychology and sociology

Psychologists try to understand the working of the human mind (thoughts, emotions, principles, experience) and how this affects one's behaviour. It is a separate discipline from Sociology but does assists sociologists in explaining some sociological processes. Sociology can also help in explaining some of the aspects of Psychology, for example: how one's social environment (sociology) influenced his principles and beliefs (psychology). psychology annd sociologyh link on that they al deal with the behavior of people,psychology deals with the behavior of people and their mental proceses just like sociology which also seek to understand how people's behavior affect society.

Political science and sociology

Political Science can be regarded as a branch of Sociology; dealing mainly with the political aspects of Sociology. Sociology covers politics in society but Political Science is more in-depth. sociology and political science are also related in the...

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