Soviet Union Against Europe in the Second World War

Soviet Union Against Europe in the Second World War

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Source Question

Using these four passages and your own knowledge, assess the view that the threat posed to Europe by the Soviet Union from the end of the Second World War to 1947 has been grossly exaggerated.

By the end of the Second World War relations between Br and the Soviet Union was deteriorating although they had never really had much of a relationship with issues of Poland. Britain had been left after the Second World War with a weak economy, Imperial problems and had weak relations also with the US.
There were many reasons for thoughts that Stalin was an expansionist and wanted to spread his views and communist state of mind across Europe, some more exaggerated than others.
The four sources presented all have mixed views about this. Source A by Martin McCauley believes that the communist threat to persuade congress to provide financial help for Greece and Turkey. He argues that the idea of foreign aid by Truman was unaccepted by congress until it was linked to the ‘struggle against communist influence in Europe’ Truman had to link this idea with foreign aid in order for the idea to be accepted. A statement made by Britain acted as a test, as they ceased all of their economic aid being given to Greece and turkey on the 31 of March because the situation for these countries were not critical. Although this was said Truman still asked the congress for $300 million for Greece and $100 million for turkey which congress provided. When Truman conjured up the Truman doctrine it was accepted by the American people and it was made into a national crusade.
This source to me enforces the fact the threat posed to Europe by the soviet union was exaggerated because Truman had to enforce his idea of foreign aid only by overstating soviets threat, saying that it was in their own interest to do so in order to stop the communist states like the soviets influencing Europe. His plan worked out in his interest for when he later brought out the Truman doctrine...

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