Special Counseling on Cleaning Room

Special Counseling on Cleaning Room

1. The purpose of this counseling is to inform you that you are getting a special counseling for failing to keep your room in a clean and neat appearance.

2. On 21 January 2014, during an SAI room inspection, your room was not clean and did not have a neat appearance. Y our failure to maintain your room in a clean and neat appearance is a direct reflection of how much you care about yourself and the Detachment. You know that an SAI is the detachments opportunity to present the visiting officers with a favorable impression of the unit did not and you did not leave a favorable impression.

3. As a Corporal of Marines, you are in a position where you have to set the example for others to emulate so you are held to a higher standard. This is your second posting and have went through at least one SAI at your previous post so you know that your room is supposed to be inspection ready throughout the whole week during an SAI. Your actions on 21 January reflected negatively on you and the detachment.

4. Upon your arrival to the detachment, you were counseled on the importance of keeping your room clean and neat at all times and the Semi Annual inspection program and what is expected of you. You replied saying that you fully understand and will comply. Furthermore, you have read and signed RegO 11100.1C and DetO 11100.2Z MSGR regulations; which both clearly require you to keep your room in a high state of police.

5. As a corrective action you will write a one thousand word essay hand written about the importance of field day and maintaining clean and neat living quarter. You will hand in your response to this special counseling within 48 hours. Starting on January 24 until January 31 you will field day your room every day and I will come by to inspect it. Failure to meet these expectations will result in further administrative action.

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