Specific and Unique Characteristics of Humans

Specific and Unique Characteristics of Humans

People:a group of humans, either with unspecified traits, or specific characteristics.

People really matter to us, because we are people for someone out there. That weird looking man, that beautiful woman, that Capri wearing girl, that Spiked boy, that cute kid. Somewhere we know for a moment, a very short one.

Maybe we forget them in the next minute we see them and maybe the next hour. One thing is certain, we don't like fall after them (well in most cases), or even try to enlighten ourselves about them. Why? Of course they are the People, how many can we know about at max? Who gives a damn by the way?

But then there is this society shit. We are social so we care about what people around us see us as. We take time to check our hair, or cut that extra thread outta our fine linen Shirt, or get rid of that weird looking spot on our face cause we care about how we look. Of course there's nothing bad about it. Everyone wants to be picture perfect , simply like create an Impression on the people around them, and no doubt Everyone, U, Me and so do the People.

The point why I am writing this is, keeping individualists in mind i guess we are supposed to be ourselves and stop caring about people's weird thoughts on us. That girl out there doesn't have enuf time to look at ur curled hair. Neither do people care if u wear armani shoes or reebok tees. They see u one moment and forget u the next. So just why can't we stop giving a damn about people and live our life our way?

Answer Me.

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