sport level 3

sport level 3

Assessing Risk In Sport

Legalisation In Sport
Health and safety has become one of the most
important things when delivering sport to
anyone. Within this “sue culture” that we live in
these days all sports coaches/teachers and
volunteers must be VERY careful that they have
the right insurance and procedure in place so
that are covered if accidents occur.

Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)
This act sets out the core principles of
health and safety within the work place.
The main way it does this is by defining
the health and safety responsibilities of
both the employer and employee.
The purpose of the Health and Safety at
Work Act 1974 is to provide a legislative
framework to promote, stimulate and
encourage high standards of health and
safety at work.
The Act is an 'enabling' act, which means
that other regulations can be created to
deal with specific issues of health and
safety, but breaches of those regulations
will be punishable under the provisions
laid down by this Act.

Civil law
Civil action is brought by individuals and is heard in County Courts. The purpose of
Civil action is used to seek remedies beneficial to the individual (damages) often in
the form of financial compensation.
Civil cases are settled out of court (90%) of accident claims are settled in this
manner). The reason for this is that the details of the claim are often more costeffectively addressed without the additional cost of court time.
Case law
Case law is formed from the decisions (rules and principles of law) of cases
previously judged in court over the years.
The ratio dividend (reason for the decision) is binding on courts of equal rank
considering the same case of law.

Careless conduct injuring another, breach of duty of care and injury, damage or loss
resulting from or caused by that breach.
The court system within the UK has a definitive structure that all legal cases have to
go through.
Who is negligent?

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