Staff Hiring Check List

Staff Hiring Check List

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This checklist is a quick reference tool that can be used to ensure that the proper procedures are followed when hiring benefitted staff positions. Additional information pertaining to each step in the process is described in detail in the Staff Hiring Guidelines - Benefitted Positions at

_____ Obtain approval from the appropriate authority (funding authority) to recruit the position.

_____ Determine what type of position is needed (benefitted or nonbenefitted, FTE, replacement or new position).
• Replacement position, move forward with recruitment.

• New position - submit new position paperwork to Pediatrics’ HR Manager. Once position is classified, move on to next step. (New classification instructions:

_____ Forward the completed Position Requisition (PR) form to Pediatrics’ HR Manager to post the position ( Determine the type of posting:
• External
• Internal to the University
• Internal to the Department

_____ Prepare for the Interview.
• Create the Selection Criteria - narrow down the applicant pool using the selection criteria
• Prepare Interview Questions
• Prepare Candidate Rating Criteria
• Create the Pre-Employment Test, if applicable.
• Decide location and structure of the interview(s)

_____ Conduct the Interviews
• Veteran and RIF candidates must be interviewed
• Evaluate Candidates

_____ Check References (Sample Reference Questions:

_____ Obtain recommended rate of pay before extending conditional offer by contacting Pediatrics’ HR Manager.

_____ Extend conditional offer of employment, which is contingent upon the results of the pre-employment...

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