Managing Difficult Staff

Managing Difficult Staff


Effective Procedures and the Law

A survey on whether “people problems” being the most demanding of all the tasks that managers face


The Ministry of Social Security


Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of The MBA




This disertation is intended to understand the employers – and employees’ relationship in the work environment.

Applying disciplinary procedures is one of the most difficult aspects of a manager’s or personnel officer’s role. It is an area surrounded by legal complexity and one which is often emotionally charged concerning as it does a sensitive element of employee relations. Managers strive to behave in a manner consistent with good practice, often only too aware that not onli is an employee’s livelihood at stake, but that their own judgement and credibility are also on trial.

This dissertation aims to meet the need for a single, comprehensive and readable volume containing both legal information and practical guidance. It addresses a host of problems.

The management of ‘people problems’ is perhaps the most demanding of all the tasks that managers face. Yet while commonplace, such problems can assume major proportions adversely affecting other members of staff and wasting company resources.

When faced with such issues, managers need guidance not simply on appropriate corrective measures, but on the legal framework suurounding disciplinary procedures. My dissertation on Managing Difficult Staff addresses these needs, tackling the whole gamut of contentious scenarios, and providing practical instruction and legal advice on their successful resolution. The many topics it covers, include :

*Constructive dismissal *Appropriate penalties *Internal appeals *Fraud and falsification *Incompetence and capability *OUtright refusal *Drink problems * Sexual harrassment *Suspension * Disciplinary hearings.


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