Strategic Management Exercises

Strategic Management Exercises

Vestas Introduction '' problem statement, methodology, limitations 1 External analysis '' PEST 3 = 4 External analysis - Porters 5 forces 2,5 = 6,5 Internal analysis 2 = 8,5 Recommondations TOWS 1 = 9,5 Conclusion 0,5 = 10 Corporate Finance

Dear participant.

Please be well prepared for class.

I expect that you have read and answered all the exercises you can see below before attending class. I do not expect that you have the right answer to all the exercises but I expect a decent try. If all participants are well prepared we can use the time efficient so you get the most out of it (your questions answered).

It is very hard for me to predict the time it will take to go through these exercises because I do not know how many questions you will have to each exercise. I have picked a number of exercises that I hope you will find interesting and helpful. But it is 250 words in total. I can quaranty thid jst by looking at the text there is inside this box. jja jjeee jjje nncjf djcndj jdncndj jj jj jj jj de sjw jws

Market information GENEREL info wind market + future
Market information Info om natural energy wind, solar etc.
Business Insights report about the future of the industry. WIND RESOURCES, WIND TURBINE TECHNOLOGY PRINTE DENNE mange sider. Printet indholdsfortegnelse.
Frost & Sullivan hel rapport med information om vindmølleindustrien. Bare lidt gammel!,1030)/branchestatistik_2008.pdf...

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