Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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Sabancı Holding is the parent company of the Sabancı Group, Turkey's leading industrial and financial conglomerate.
The Sabancı Group is composed of 71 companies, many of which are recognized as market leaders in their respective sectors. Sabancı Holding's main business units include financial services, automotive, tire and tire reinforcement materials, retail, cement and energy. Sabancı Holding, being listed on Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE), has controlling interests in 12 companies listed on the ISE.
The companies of the Sabancı Group currently operate in 18 countries and market their products in various regions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and North and South America. Having a great deal of knowledge and experience in Turkey, Sabancı Holding has led a drastic growth in its core businesses with its respectability, trademark image and strong joint ventures, further extending its operations into the global market. Sabancı Holding's multinational business partners include such prominent companies as Aviva, Bridgestone, Carrefour, Citigroup, Dia, Heidelberg Cement, Hilton International, International Paper, Mitsubishi Motor Co., Philip Morris, Toyota and Verbund.
In 2007, consolidated revenue of Sabancı Holding was US$ 14.9 billion with an EBITDA of US$ 2.3 billion.
The Sabancı Family is collectively Sabancı Holding's major shareholder with 78% of the share capital. Sabancı Holding shares are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange with a free float of 22% and depository receipts are quoted on SEAQ International and Portal.

Financial services :
Akbank :
Akbank was Turkey`s most valuable bank having the most profitable banking operation with its extensive branch network

Aksigorta ranks as one of Turkey`s leading non –life insurance companies

Turkey`s leading individual pensions fund and life insurance company . A 50/50 joint venture between sabanci group and the UK- based...

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