Student Survival Guide - 17

Student Survival Guide - 17

Final Project: Student Survival Guide

Axia College of University of Phoenix


I was unemployed for about six months. During that time I noticed most of the available jobs in my field required a degree. The thought of sitting in a classroom for three to four hours a night just does not appeal to me. I thought that I lacked the discipline and time necessary to complete the required courses in a distance learning environment. I graduated from high school 14 years ago. Since then, I had been subjected to the military way of training. Military schools are structured so the students are in class five days a week, eight hours a day. Passing the prescribed course was the only task and concern. I soon learned to be successful; the student must want the education. The following is a guide to help students while attending courses at Axia College.

Educational Resources Available at Axia College

The educational resources provided by Axia College are very useful. Most of these guides and tutorials are self explanatory. A student can choose from a variety of media. Audio appendixes are excellent option to have available. A student can download an appendix and listen to it at a convenient time. The media presented for each week is, in fact, focused on that week. Learning is easier when there is less to sort through. Reading through or listening to the information is never overwhelming. The University Library is also an excellent tool for academic research. All students should take advantage of the University Library and its resources. Over all Axia College provides an excellent variety of technological tools. Some of the resources are listed below.

Grammar Tutorials- This section contains three guides. These guides help the student apply proper grammar techniques to writing assignments. This also includes a five-minute weekly Podcast.

Samples- This resource gives examples of how papers should be constructed...

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