Successful Managerment

Successful Managerment

Tools for Becoming a Successful Manager

Question: Can you identify your leadership style?

By examining the varieties of leadership styles, their advantages and weaknesses, as well as your
employees and the given situation, you can decide what is the "best" leadership style for you. You
should adopt a style that you are comfortable with to lead you to future success. There are many
different leadership styles, but one trait is prevalent in every successful leader - the ability to bring
people together to accomplish a task! This can be done by:
• Involving employees in decision making
• Encouraging two-way communication
• Sharing power
• Being flexible
Developing employee commitment and building a resource base of peers, former managers and previous
managers of your new organization are very important. The more extensive your network, the easier it will
be to handle the new challenges that accompany your efforts with time management, delegation,
communication and motivation.

Are you in charge of a motivated workplace?

If you take time to focus on your employees and their environment you will create and sustain a cohesive,
enthusiastic team which produces at or above the level expected by top management. To build a solid,
productive workforce you should take the employees you have and train them to be highly competent.

Doing a good job of training and coaching is the most practical way to have successful and productive
employees. If you keep your employees' interests, priorities and goals in mind when you organize tasks,
you will achieve your intended goals and also build a stronger team.

Do you set achievable goals?

Goal setting gives direction to the work of an individual employee as well as to a department and
organization by:
• Providing a stimulus for articulating what the individual wants to achieve
• and what the organization expects from the individual.
• Getting people to discuss...

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