Successful Business

Successful Business

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What make business successful?

On TV or newspaper, we can see most millionaires must also own successful companies. They have their own strategies that make their business successful, and, from my observation, I think good reputation and remarkable commercial are the two important factors that contribute to their success in business. In reality, a company’s reputation and their commercials are tightly related to customers’ interest in their products, and there are many good examples of how these two factor effect companies’ growth.

Companies’ reputation is what people know about the companies, and it can directly affects people interest in the companies. It is easy to see how it works; of course, no one would like to buy things from dishonest companies, nor would anyone like to go to stores that have bad services. Tommy, for example, is a well-known clothing store that recently suffers from its bad reputation. One of Tommy’s designers made some discriminative opinions, which makes many people refuse to wear Tommy’s clothes. As the result, Tommy has lost many customers and a significant amount of money. From this example, we can see the importance for successful companies to keep their good reputation.

Besides good reputation, companies’ commercials are also the crucial factor to succeed. People have to learn about the products first before they buy the products, and that is what commercials do: to introduce products and to attract people to buy them. The more people know the products, the better profit companies can make. In addition, companies have to make to their commercials unique and attractive so that people are willing to see. Therefore, most of successful companies invest a great amount of money on their commercials because they know even a short commercial can make the huge difference.

A lot of companies have their unique strategies to make their business successful, but the two factors, reputation and commercial, are the common and the most...

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