Survival Guide

Survival Guide

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Student Survival Guide Stephanie Warner

Using Axia’s Educational Resources

o Download and or print all available files

o Utilize the University’s library

o Identify all key information

o Use the Center for Writing Excellence

By using the above steps I will be able to ensure that I have a clear understanding of what is expected of me and that all my assignments are done to the best of my ability. I will also have a better chance at succeeding if these steps are taken. Making use of Axia’s vast educational resources will ensure that my assignments are thorough. Axia college goes above and beyond to ensure that we are successful I think it is only fair that we do our part and utilize the tools and support that they have offered to us.

Upholding Academic Honesty

o Understand Axia’s academic honesty policy

o Understand the consequences of plagiarism

o Avoid plagiarism

o Make use of the plagiarism checker

o Cite sources

By using the above steps I will be able to ensure that I do not commit plagiarism. I will do everything I can to uphold academic honesty by, making sure I give myself enough time to complete the assignments and making sure that I understand the assignment. If a student feels pressured they may be more likely to commit plagiarism. Also, I will always remind myself not to be afraid to ask for

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help. I believe with all that has been made available to us the excuse “I did not understand the assignment” should not be valid excuse.

Setting and Achieving Goals

o Identify short and long term educational and career goals...

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