Survival Guide 18

Survival Guide 18

Student Survival Guide
This is a perfect last project and certainly an appropriate title. Our excellent online resources and software for checking our academic honesty will prove to be invaluable all through this online college experience. Giving us guidance for achieving our goals and managing our time wisely was genius for surviving this first block of classes. There can never be enough said about comprehension and retention and I think the intelligence evaluation really opened up some incite on succeeding in a group learning and working environment.

Educational Resources
Being able download video’s and tutorials for future reference is such a convenient resource in our busy lifestyle. We can listen to them and watch them at a later time while going on about our business. There are so many ways to utilize our online resources. I have made a hard copy of our Appendix for “Conducting Research”. I am sure I will be referring to it often. Some of the basic information for searching and deciding on the college Library or internet search engines are invaluable. The tips for narrowing down your search will be a time saver all through our online education such as:
• Putting key search words in quotations and using the words “and” ”not”, and “or”.
• Using critical thinking to evaluate your resources validity
• Determining if information is current
These guidelines will make online research such a pleasure.

Academic Honesty
I love our plagiarism checker and I love that I can now spell plagiarism. This resource is unique to Axia’s online library and is a safeguard that I plan on using every time I write a paper. The different ways to appropriately give credit to authors and articles is still very foggy to me. I plan to keep a hard copy of the basic guidelines handy for all of my online work as well as making notes to credit authors as I go.

Achieving Goals
The checkpoint we did for this topic will be my guide for the rest of my Axia...

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