Survival Guide

Survival Guide

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Student Survival Guide
Nicholas A. Laughlin
Axia College of University of Phoenix

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If you are either returning to school after a long absents or coming straight out of high school, distant learning can be a little bit over whelming and even scary with out a survival guide. The survival guide could be used along side with your syllabus and referred to as often as necessary. This survival guide is going to be broken down into six different sections they are Using Axia’s Educational Resources, Upholding Academic Honesty, Setting and Achieving Goals, Managing Time Wisely, Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention, and Applying Personality and Learning Styles. While learning in an information age can be rough and over whelming Axia has a few workshops you should attend the first being New Axia Student Orientation . This will let those that are not familiar with online learning ease in to the classes and late those that might be fresh out of school and furthering their career to brush up on the skills they will need for their courses and let them become familiar with Axia College way of doing things.

Using Axia Educational Resources

The university library is an exemplary tool to use for a student. Even though this library mimics a traditional library, it is in a digital form. The library is easily searchable for books, articles, and peer papers to use when referencing to be able to research papers. With this library there are a few really cool points of interest after finding an article of relevant to the information you might be looking for, there is certain points, key information, in the articles. You will find the author of the article its publishing date and the specific magazine or publication the article was in. This information is needed by you to cite the work in your papers after doing your research. As with any other library if you ever feel lost you can ask the librian and get the help you require. The Center for Writing...

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