Systems Development Process

Systems Development Process

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Systems Development and Project Management

Case Assignment
Systems Development Process

Sir or Ma’am, your staff wants to thank you for recognizing the importance of IT to the future of our company and for your commitment to developing an in-house IS development staff. To this end, you have requested a report for yourself and the rest of top management. The discussion wills the systems development process and the different methodologies and techniques involved. To the degree of relevance, I will include in my discussion information regarding the following topics: systems development lifecycle, object-oriented programming, the unified modeling language, structured systems analysis and design, participatory design, and computer-assisted software engineering. As the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of this organization, I am responsible for overseeing information technology and computer systems. I also monitor the selection and evaluate of major IT investments and establish goals so as to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the department’s operation. Thus, from my perspective it comes as no surprise that developing an in house Information Systems staff is very important to the growth of the organization. Therefore, I have done thorough research in order to prepare a detailed report on the areas that may make a difference in IT while changing the company’s future for the better.
Not too long ago software development consisted of a programmer writing codes to solve a problem or automate a procedure. In the current computer economy, systems are so big and complex that teams of architects, analysts, testers, users and programmers must work together to create the millions of lines of custom written code that drive companies. To manage the huge volume of data, a number of system development life cycle (SDLC) models have been created. The SDLC is a theoretical model used in project management that describes...

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