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We have different kinds of teacher’s personalities. Teachers vary from one to another in their goals, feels toward students and the personal. Also how they are working with students. So, I will talk about three different kinds of teacher’s personalities is: kind, semi and strict teacher.

First, friendly or kind teachers. These kinds of teacher are very friendly with a student and flexible. The students love this kind of teachers, because the students feel comfortable with this teacher. Also, the teachers deliver the materials with more fun and the students feel the time finch quickly. For example some teachers in Els very friendly with students, and all students love these teachers, sometime I saw the students give them flowers or gift.

Now, I will talk about the semi kind teachers. These kinds of teachers are between friendly and strict, sometimes flexible and sometimes strict. The students are normal feeling with these teachers. The teachers deliver to material with a little fun, but sometimes no. For example, when I was in high school I have a teacher the same this kind. Sometimes she comes to class with more friendly and fun but, when she sad or anything happened to her, she is strict.

The last kind is strict teachers. These kinds of teachers are very hard with the student. The students don't love this kind of these teachers. This kind doesn't flexible with students. These teachers just want to deliver to material without any fun. For example, when I was in a middle school I had teacher strict. She does not want any breath just want us be silent. All the class really hates her, because we were scary for her.

As we know, we have a lot of different personality’s teachers. However, the teachers are very important to teach our children. They need to be more Patience with the students because; they are makes students like or dislike material.

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