Teen Pregancy

Teen Pregancy

Teen pregnancies are not new, in today’s changing scenario. They are in fact showing a rise but most of the cases are hushed and covered up for the sake of family prestige. In most of the cases the girl is subjected to sexual abuse from the close relative of the family. And instead of offering any kind sympathy and support, even the mother of the girl treats her daughter with callousness. In some cases, the parents want to get rid of the unborn child and mostly opt for abortion. But sometimes, it doesn’t become possible, as in this tender age the girls are mostly anemic.

Teen pregnancies evoke derision, anger and repulsion in the family. Even the psychiatrist opine that, in such cases the girl is the most effected, as she would be plagued with guilt, anger, frustration, helplessness, depression and even ridiculed. Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride in every woman’s life. And if the young girl lacks social and familial support and criticized, then things may go from bad to worse.

In this case the parents should lend support to the girl as she is physically, mentally and psychologically unstable. The parents should not get hysterical; they should be poised and must think rationally, how the matters could be handled. Parents if are not supportive, than the teenager may be forced to go to spurious gynecologists for improper abortions. It may impair her health too.

One cannot deny that, the first reaction of parents must be shock and the parents would be felt let down. As in any relationship, the basis is basically of trust. And if this foundation gets shook, then nothing can stop from crumbling down the castle of love and affection. Everybody will thus be hurt. It’s not time to mourn over what has happened; instead the parents should stand by their daughter.
So whatever the family decision is, whether to keep the baby or not, but know that your daughter needs you the most, at this hour of trouble. Be with her and

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