The Accident

The Accident

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The Accident
Adolfo Rios

It was on a hot summer day of the year 1999 when I and some other friends were cleaning some guns and suddenly one of my friends got shot all of this happened in the city of Miguel Aleman. Miguel Aleman is a little city, which is a border to Roma Texas. Which is about fifteen miles north of Rio Grande City.

Sixteen-year-old, Hugo Sambrano, who was called Hugio and I were arriving at our best friends house at approximately three in the afternoon. Hugo and I entered through the front elegant door of the huge and beautiful gorgeous house and also came Hugo out of the front door, but with a gunshot. When we entered to Ramon's house we saw that there were more of our best friends including Mauricio, Raul, and Maico. Hugo and I shook hands all of our friends and sat down on some wonderful and white-leathered furniture sofas that were in Ramon's living room. Ramon and Mauricio were really bored watching some Mexican movies where many of powerful and expensive guns were exposed. When out of nowhere Mauricio suddenly asks Ramon "does your father has any weapons in this house", because "I know how to clean guns"? Ramon who was under the influence of drugs started searching everywhere in the house. He went upstairs to his mom and dad's bedroom and began looking for the guns that belonged to Ramon's dad. One hour passed and they never found the hidden guns. Ramon never found the guns and asked Mauricio for help to find the hidden guns. By four fifteen Ramon and Mauricio suddenly found the hidden guns in his father bedroom. The guns, which were a 45 automatic, a nine-millimeter, and a 38 special were hidden below his dad bed. When Ramon and Mauricio found the guns they started to oil and clean them. After 45 minutes passed, Ramon and Mauricio finished cleaning the guns. They started to play cops and robbers with the guns. Hugo constantly said don't be playing with guns, they are extremely dangerous. After a...

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