The Benefits Science Development Gives Us in Modern Life

The Benefits Science Development Gives Us in Modern Life

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1. 剥夺恐怖分子实施袭击的手段
One, the way of depriving terrorists attacks





D. 阻止恐怖主义分子出入境

E. 阻止恐怖主义分子接触或进入袭击目标,阻止其取得攻击的预期效果

A. cutting down their way of money

The terrorists from multiple channels to obtain capital and through formal and informal channels for the transfer of funds. On the movement of funds tracking not only contribute to the prevention of attacks, can also provide useful information for further investigation. The United Nations financial sanctions system can be sure to take effective action to CFT are important tools.

B. Deprived of access to weapons of mass destruction weapons, including the channel

C. Stop terrorists using the Internet to recruit members and communication

D. Stop terrorists exit

E. Stop terrorist contact or into the target, to prevent the attack of the expected results achieved



How to contain the state support for terrorist groups

All countries must prevent terrorist groups in the territory for training center, which may be recruited in personnel exposed to dangerous ideology even more dangerous skills. Without the ability to do so in the country with the international community to cooperate to develop this ability and promote the operation of law. The Security Council has several were found hiding and assist in terrorist state sanctions. Terrorists use in developed countries and developing countries to finance, organization, weakness of equipment and training its recruits, attacks and avoid arrest. Therefore, the construction of the ability of all countries must be the cornerstone of global anti-terror efforts....

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