The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity

What would you do if you woke up to find yourself on a fishing boat in the Mid-Atlantic, having been shot several times and with no recollection as to how you got there, what you have been doing, or for that matter, what you're name is and who you are? Well you could always go to the police or a hospital and ask if they can find any files or records about yourself, or you could of just have a chip implanted in your hip with your last name and a bank account number in Switzerland, like Jason Bourne had.

In this essay I will talk about the differences and similarities from the book and the movie the Bourne Identity.

I found that, in this book there was so much more detail than in the movie. There were an incredible amount of minor characters in the book. For example in the book a doctor named Geoffrey Washburn took care of Jason Bourne for six months before he ventured on to Zurich. In the movie the fishing boat that found him in the ocean just took him to the nearest port. In the book the doctor was described as drunk more than he was sober, by the town's people. However, when he was taking care of Jason Bourne he was drunk but not over the edge. The doctor told Jason a lot about his amnesia condition like how certain images or words would trigger Jason's memory about his past. Throughout the book Jason had flashbacks to the doctor's words, especially these: "You are not helpless. You will find your way." The discoveries that the doctor found about Jason were amazing, especially because he worked from his house with no formal doctors' office. Washburn found that Jason was altered, his face was not the one he was born with, Jason had evidence of prolonged use of contacts in his eyes, and Bourne knew several different languages and was extremely good in physical fights. With these words of wisdom from the doctor and his strength back he went on to Zurich, Switzerland.

Another difference is that, in the book, Marie (who was...

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