The Challenges and Rewards of Graduate Studies

The Challenges and Rewards of Graduate Studies

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The Challenge and Rewards 1
The Challenge and Rewards of Graduate Studies

The Challenge and Rewards of Graduate Studies

Thomas Taylor Beavers, RN, BSN

University Of Phoenix

The Challenge and Rewards 2

The Challenge and Rewards of Graduate Studies

The Graduate Record Evaluations test, commonly known in academic circles as the

GRE, measures baccalaureate graduates’ proficiency in standardized categories in order

to attempt a prediction of their potential success or failings in graduate level studies. The

developers of the GRE, the ETS group, acknowledge in their internal research however,

that although standardized tests may be useful in forecasting some students’ readiness for

graduate studies, such statistical approaches may not provide an overly clear picture of all

students’ abilities and talents. As with all such statistical prognostications, the GRE

truly, has more value at the higher and lower ranges of test scores, (Bridgeman, Burton,

& Cline, 2008).

In A Personal Reflection, Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies, an article

published in the July/August 2007 edition of SourceDiminsions of Critical Care Nursing,

Linda Weston Kramer, an RN and Nursing educator at Norton Suburban Hospital in

Louisville, KY lists three skills that graduate studies should equip their students with:

data collection, analysis, and interpretation, all leading to personal betterment manifested

by: intellectual improvement, personal development, enhanced verbal/writing skills,

career advancements, and networking with peers and colleagues (Kramer, 2007).

The rewards for embarking upon the quest for a master’s degree would seem to be as

diverse and unpredictable as the mathematical prediction of an individual’s success in

this goal might be...

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