THE CLOTHES OF HEAVEN based on Rev. 7:9-17
By Glenn Pease

A taylor who used an apple as a trade mark was asked why he used that particular symbol. He replied, "If it hadn't been for the apple, where would the clothing business be?" He had a good point. The clothing business did start in the garden of Eden because of sin, and the need to cover the bodies of those who had started sin by eating of the forbidden fruit. Clothing is not a part of the origin of sin, but rather, a necessity to overcome the emotions set loose by sin.

God was the first taylor to create garments for man. Adam and Eve had sewn fig leaves together to cover their bodies, but shortly thereafter we read in Gen. 3:21, "And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins, and clothed them." From that point on, clothing has played a major role in the life of man. Scripture is literally packed with references to clothes and their significance.

Man is the only creature that God created who has a desire to adorn itself with clothes. No animal has any appreciation for styles, and for a variety of clothing, or for jewelry. Males often wish God would have made females more animal like in this respect. Wilfred Funk calls the daughters of Eve the Insatiable Sex. He goes to great extremes to express himself in poetry.

If I scaled the heights of Venus
And ransacked ten million stars
Of their fineries--Orsinus,
Mercury, Arcturus, Mars.

Plucked the pleiades and hung them
Flaming on your ivory breast,
With the shining moon among them
As a diadem and crest.

Seized the Milky Way and tore it
From the skies to make a gown
For you, dearest, and you wore it
With Orion as a crown--

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