THE COLORS OF HEAVEN based on Rev.21:9-21
By Glenn Pease

Mr. Jones was having her living room painted, and she was explaining to the unsympathetic painter just what she wanted. "I want a light green blue, which will be sort of a cross between a darker blue and a light bluey blue", she said. The painter replied, "Lady, there ain't no such color. What you are describing is nothing but a pigment of your imagination." Colors may exist in our minds that do no exist in reality. But God is an artist who invites us to use our imagination to try and conceive of the beautiful colors of heaven.

You can go into most any jewelry store and see many of the gems that are seen here in the walls of the Holy City. The colors are very bright and beautiful. I bought Lavonne a pink ice ring recently, and when the sun hits it just right, it startles me with it's beauty. In the shade it is just a dull piece of matter, but in the sunlight it is a sparkling piece of beauty. This is the picture we get of heaven, and the New Jerusalem. It is transparent like glass, and there is brilliant light bouncing off millions of jewels. The beauty of this scene is beyond our grasp. Man would need all the jewels of the world just to copy a fraction of the jeweled wall described here. Dr. Criswell, who was for many years the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, tries to describe the color of heaven, in these words-

What a proliferation of color! What
incomparable, brilliant iridescence it
possesses! It looks like frozen light
in diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emerald
and pearl. It looks as if God were
mingling together the azure blue of
the sky, the surf of the sea, the
rainbow of autumnal glory, and
the fire of an august sunset.

There is no eloquence adequate to describe the color of heaven. Probably, the best we can do is to...

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