The Cu Chi Tunnel

The Cu Chi Tunnel

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Cu Chi Tunnel
Cu Chi tunnel’s map
Cu Chi Tunnel is an immense network of connected underground tunnels located in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). Today, it is a famous historical vestige and a unique wonder in the world with an extremely special architecture. It is a perfect base to help Vietnamese soldiers and people win in the war.

It was established in the time of fighting Japanese during World War II and French colonists afterwards. At that time, the habitants of this area dug the short tunnels to hide and prevent the attack of enemy. Each village had its own tunnel. After that, from the need of communication among villages, the tunnels were connected together by the habitants to connect villages, districts and provinces. Therefore, the soldiers and guerrilla fighters could move among areas undetectably. Until 1965, the villages in the North of Cu Chi completed the route called “skeleton”. The total length of the tunnel stretching from Saigon to the Cambodian border is over 200 kilometers.
The tunnel is mostly excavated by hand in laterite clay, a ferric soil with clay and iron oxide binder which allow some air penetration. These features help the tunnel not to be affected by seasonal changes. It is further strengthened by tree roots. Cu Chi Tunnel has 2 places. The first one is Bến Được tunnel- Zone Party Committee Base and Saigon-Gia Dinh Military Zone which is located in Phu Hiep hamlet, Phu My Hung village. The second one is Bến Đình tunnel which is Cu Chi district Party Committee. It is located in Binh Dinh hamlet, Nhuan Duc village.

Inside Cu Chi Tunnel
Cu Chi tunnels are like the small underground world with the special architecture. The tunnel is from 3 to 10 meters in depth, its height is only enough for a person to go with his bended back. The tunnel includes 3 floors. The ground floor is 3 meters deep, it...

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