The Day We Died

The Day We Died

The Day We Died
By Nicholas Sizemore

“Beep-Beep-Beep” I jump up and hit my alarm clock. As I rubbed my eyes I tried to see the time. 4 o’clock on the dot. I turn on my computer as I get up to go to my bathroom. For two hours I talk to some friends over my computer as I get ready for school. Once I get to school I have to wait for about 20mins for my friends to show up. Someday I stick with Dane in the morning others I stay in another group of friends. Some days I hang with my friend Katie, but today I was sticking close to my beloved sister.

So I should tell you that she isn’t really my sister, but she is the only one who cares about me this much. We have a long past for only being close for 4 months. I don’t want to go in to every little detail, but all I know is that ever since I met the real her I was in love with her.

This morning like a lot of mornings I needed her and like every morning I need her, she doesn’t notice. I hate to be selfish and I won’t be if I can help it, but I just really need someone to hold me sometimes and tell me everything will be ok. I talk to her on the computer almost every day. I find it a lot easier to talk to her with text then with spoken words. She knows more about me then anyone and I tell her almost everything

I asked her a favor once, a really big one that she has yet to come through on. This meant so much to me and so far I think she forgot. So I’m writing this just for her in hopes that if I put down how I feel that maybe I will feel better. So far I have only felt like crying, but am to scared to.

I have only told 2 people in the world I needed them and the 1st is someone I loved, but she only made me suffer and the 2nd is my sister, but right now it feels like I never told anyone that. If someone told me that I know I would never forget nor would I act like it was nothing.

So have you ever heard of “The mask”? Not the movie. I’m talking about a fake face that people wear around other people for one...

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