The Different Meanings of the Common Colors of Ribbon

The Different Meanings of the Common Colors of Ribbon

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Title: Ribbon Awareness
Topic: The different meanings of the common colors of ribbon colors for ribbon awareness
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the uncommon meanings of the common colors of ribbons that people wear for ribbon awareness.


I. Ribbons worn on shirts and backpacks. Ribbon shaped magnets on cars. All these ribbons come in different color. But what do they mean? When someone wears a pink ribbon, what is he or she saying? What about a red ribbon? Part of the reason deciphering the meaning of any given ribbon is the fact that many ribbons carry multiple meanings. However this is the basic primer of some of the most popular ribbon colors.
II. When I though about ribbon awareness being my topic for the informative presentation I realized that most of us knew the meanings of some ribbons. I surf the web to get more information on the topic and learned so many different meanings to the commonly worn colors.
III. Now when wearing a ribbon you well know multiple meanings for that specific ribbon.
IV. In this speech, we’ll look at four of the most recognized colors and their well known and uncommon meanings, also we are going to look at four of the lesser known but relatively popular ribbon colors and their meanings.
I. Some of the most recognized colors are pink, red, white and yellow.
A. The common meaning for a red ribbon is HIV/ AIDS Awareness.
1. However red also represents substance and drug abuse, DARE, and MADD
2. Heart Disease and stroke are represented by a red ribbon too.
B. Breast cancer is the most known reasons people wear pink ribbons.
1. This is also the color that shows support of birth parents.
2. It lets people know that the decision of birth parents to put their child up for adaption is respected.
C. A white ribbon is displayed for awareness of terrorism...

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