The Effect Of Ice Melting In Different Cups - Short Essay

The Effect Of Ice Melting In Different Cups - Short Essay

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Mohamad Sareini,Tyler Bidea, & Hider Alameri
Biology 5th
23 Sep. 2012

The Effect Of Ice Melting In Different Cups

The experiment tested was the effect of ice melting in different cups. The concept of this experiment is to see which cup would excel or slow down the melting process, or if the melting process isn't effected by the

various cups at all. Ice melts when it becomes too warm for the molecules to stay together, which is over 32 degrees F. So, the thought was that some cups might provide insulation for the ice. While others might help the ice

melt. Some theories were that the ice would melt at the same time in each cup. Others were that the melting time would vary. The law was that each cup had only 1 ice cube in it. Each ice cube had to be the same size.

The problem was that ice could melt faster or slower based on the material surrounding it. The theory was to put ice in different cups and see if the melting process was effected by the various cups. The reason for

this experiment was to see if ice's melting process stays the same in different surroundings. Would ice melt faster or slower in different cups? this question was one that was thought should be answered. So that is why this

was performed. Ice melts faster in heat. So would some cups insulate the ice and extend it's life span? Or would some cups let the warm air melt the ice as if the cup wasn't even there? This was one of the many questions that

will be answered in this experiment.

The hypothesis was "if ice is placed in different cups, then the melting time will vary." This hypothesis was believed because some cups might provide better insulation than others. Plastic cups might be warmer

and hotter then a glass cup....

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