The Eye Opener

The Eye Opener

Jevaun Brown
Ms. Duchess
Eng III/Pd.5
“The Eye Opener”

Its one situation when you know about any and everything that is going to come your way in life, or to know that its coming in such a great quantity that you don’t even think about it. It’s another situation, when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. Rich or poor though, it is key to always be thankful, this is where I made my biggest most irresponsible mistake I could ever make.

My Name is ToSexy, ToSexy Formyshirt. I live in New York City Central Park, on the corner of Time Square, behind the little alley way beside “The Big Apple Pizza Shop,” and I used to also live Underneath the World Trade Center in the underground parking lot. I find my dinner behind restaurants and if I’m lucky I get the fresh (or old) foods the diners throw out at the end of the night. I am extremely thankful for everything I receive in life, at least now I am.

Before my life fell into this wet, cold, dark, alley way filled with trash on either sides, fighting other animals for what could be, “my last supper,” in which I pray to God now every night in order to attempt to extend my life just a little longer. I used to be an upper class lawyer, husband, and father of two, I just finished my law school exams, drank when situations in my life didn’t go my way, and gloated greatly when they did. When I look back at my life it’s almost like watching a predictable movie and the main character was a take from the poor and give to the rich type of guy, that guy was me. It was almost like my nose was so high, that I could sniff the Sun and bestride the planet Earth itself. I drove my B.M.W when I went to work, my Lincoln Navigator on road trips, and my 9/11 Porsche Twin Turbo, when I was “crusin” the freeways of The Big Apple, (and don’t forget my ocean front yacht.)
My day of reckoning happened New Years Eve at 10:34p.m, (2hrs before I made my New Years resolution to break it the up coming year) when I got the...

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