The First Child Born on Mars

The First Child Born on Mars

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The woman jumped at the chance to have her little one take on a seminal role in the picture -- that of the first child born on Mars. "She kind of immediately said, 'F--- yeah! Whatever you wanna do,'" Wayne said. "I don't want to give away too much of the plot [but] this baby is on the surface of Mars, and it's involved in one of the more horrific hallucinations."

As the film took several years to make, a host of babies, including Coyne's niece, played the part of the first child born to a newly colonized Mars, threatened with depleting oxygen after a generator blows up on the eve of Christmas. The film, which is out next month, also stars the band and a handful of guest stars including actors Adam Goldberg and Steve Burns, whose wide-eyes and friendly face warmed the hearts and minds of children when he hosted 'Blues Clues.'

"[Steve] was just a fan," Coyne said of Burns. "He was one of our early animal dancers on stage. When we met him, he showed interest in being in the movie, like 'I wanna do other things than 'Blues Clues and if you have something that you could have me do, I'd love to do it.' He was the first one. He flew down and he spent a couple days with us and we put him through the humiliation of just sitting in my backyard. But he was wonderful. He took it all like it was just a regular movie to him."

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