The Important Character in the Novel Lord of the Flies

The Important Character in the Novel Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies

- Describe an important character or individual in the text. Explain why this character or individual was important.

An important character in the novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding is Ralph. Ralph is a natural leader, though Ralph’s attitude changes through the novel due to different events that happen on the island. Ralph tries hard to be a good leader “I’m chief then … Jacks in charge of the choir. They can be, what do you want them to be?” “Hunters.”. Ralph creates a society and realises that democracy and civilisation is the best way to keep control of every one. Democracy and civilisation is symbolized with the conch. Jacks EGO is very easily over come by is ID and becomes a rebel almost as soon as they reach the island. Ralph knows that jack wants to be chief, Ralph tries to a great extent not to give into Jack’s temptations of becoming a savage.
Ralph was obsessed with trying to keep a fire lit because it was their only chance on reuniting with the adult world. The fire symbolized how the boys were still connected with the adult world “A fire! Make a fire!”. Ralph knows what being on this island can do to the boys so he tries desperately to apply rules “ We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, were not savages” . Ralph is ambitious and has a mind of good reason and judgement but as his EGO, he tries to stay away from what his animalistic side wants. Ralph always thinks of others before himself and would give everything to help someone.
The conflict between Ralph and Jack is at first not a major deal but as the novel progresses all that Jack starts to think about is the present and hunting, he also has no thought of being rescued. Jack is also the leading cause of Simon’s and Piggy’s death. Jack only thinks for himself and all he cares about is painting faces and killing, he only understands the need to hunt and disobeys Ralph’s orders. Jack ignores Ralph and lets the fire go out, Ralph is...

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