The Information Systems Department

The Information Systems Department

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The Information Systems Department
Milton Morgan

Review Ch. 2 in the text.
Select two organizational departments in a business.

Create an outline of two organizational department in business. You must include the following for full points (worth 5 points each):

1. Correct spelling, grammar, outline form and name.
2. Two real departments within organizations with a description of each
3. How they use technology to do their job.
4. Example IS components used in their job
5. How their job would be more difficult without technology.
6. References that you found your information from (in APA form)

Two departments in most if not all organizations or businesses are: Accounting and Human Resources. They are two totally different departments, but they use some of the same information technology to complete their respective tasks. The accounting department is in charge of finances in and out of the company or organization. The accounting department is in charge of managing payroll for employees, as well as accounts receivable and accounts payable. The human resource department is in charge of business to business relations, customer relations, and employee relations with the company. The human resource hires and fires people, handles ethics issues, and customer and employee complaints.
The accounting department uses information systems to calculate profits and losses, employee wages, and keep organized views of certain aspects of the company. The accounting department uses the transaction processing system to collect vital financial data from the company. The human resource department uses interorganizational information systems to be connected to every department within the company or organization to make sure all problems or issues that arise are taken care of promptly and efficiently.
The accounting department’s job would become very difficult if it wasn’t for information technology systems. They would...

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