The Information Technology Infrastructure Library

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITIL V3 Foundation Certification - Sample Exam 3

The new version of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) was launched in June 2007. ITIL V3 primarily describes the Service Lifecycle of IT Service Management. The latest version (ITIL V3) is compassed of the five core volumes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Service Strategy Service Design Service Transition Service Operation Continual Service Improvement

This is a full ITIL Foundation Exam Question Paper containing 40 mock questions that are directly related to the ITIL Foundation Exam syllabus. Remember, when practicing your free ITIL Foundation Test Exam you only have 60 minutes in which to correctly answer at least 26 out of 40 mock questions correctly. The Answers are at the end of the exam. Good Luck!

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1. Which of the following best means Combination of Internal & External Sourcing? A. Internal Sourcing-. B. External Sourcing C. Co-Sourcing D. Managed Services

2. Major Incidents require? A. Separate procedures B. Less urgency C. Longer timescales D. Less documentation

3. Which of the following CANNOT be stored and managed by a tool? A. Knowledge B. Information C. Wisdom D. Data

4. The spell check module of a word-processing software package contains a number of errors. The Development department has corrected these errors in a new version. Which process is responsible for ensuring this updated version is tested? A. Configuration Management B. Incident Management C. Problem Management D. Release Management

5. The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle can be used to plan and implement Service Management Processes: How many times should each stage of the cycle be visited? A. There should be a single Plan and Do, and then Check and Act should be carried out multiple times to Implement Continual Improvement B. Each stage should be carried out once in the order Plan-Do-Check-Act C. The entire cycle should be repeated multiple times to...

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