The Man Who Ate a Tree

The Man Who Ate a Tree

Character Story

It was 6:00 am, a Friday, the 13th to be exact. I know it is supposed to be a bad day but nothing bad ever happened. My name is Michael Anderson. For some unknown reason everybody called me Mitch. This was just supposed to be just another miserable day in my life. I had no breakfast and walked to school. My parents divorced no more than one year ago, I’m still trying to get over it. I live with my older cousin, Darry he stays out almost all night partying so he sleeps in, all the time.

I got to school at 7:00 am. Since school started at 8:00 I was there early. It was still better than staying at home and risking a visit from my cousins dreaded girlfriend, Samantha. She wasn’t mean, it’s just that she babies me a lot. Even though I am almost 16 and she is only 20. That was one of the reasons I miss mom. The bell rang and broke my concentration.

The smell of a school on a Friday seemed different that the smell of it on the rest of the week. That might be a reason I had no friends, I smelled the school. During the day I would zone out and think about going home and lose my thought by mindlessly playing my X-Box 360.That was all I ever did go to school and play my X-Box 360. Then Friday the 13th lived up to it’s name and, I got stuck in the office. The teacher didn’t even catch me. Some girly-girl decided she had to tell on me. “What did I ever do to you?” Those were the last words I could say before I got hauled off to the office. It was almost the end of the day so instead of staying in for recess I had to stay after school. Darry had to pick me up. Things got worse when Darry showed up with Samantha. Not like they cared, Darry could care less if I got expelled. After a five minute talk about me standing up we went home. Turns out he did care. “I can’t believe I had to pick you up from the office young man.” I guess he was going through a ‘phase’ or something or he was just proving he can discipline me in front of his girlfriend....

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