The Most Memorable Day

The Most Memorable Day

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Walking through the alpine forest and meadow and mud, helping and being helped across streams, looking lakes, stars and trees, smelling pines and birds, and generally traveling through a half-seen world, all happened before 4a.m.

Everything was still in a shade of blue. A pleasant gushing water filled the air. My eyes wandered up, and saw the stars blinking at me sleepily. The pearly sickle in the sky looked weary, as it had guarded us the whole night. The ten of us stopped near a cascading and formidable waterfall to absorb the beauty of the rising sun. We were enthralled by the magnificence of the waterfall that hammered into the earth ferociously from the heaven with high velocity. The sky was on fire before the embers died out and only the blues and yellows remained. I saw the gold complexion of the eye of heaven slide down from the sky and into the forest, and felt my happiness slide down my cheeks. To the sky I sang my thanks.

We were having our exploratory expedition at the Mount Kinabalu which is located in Sabah state, Malaysia. Prominently well-known as ‘the land below the wind’. It is prominent as the highest mountain in South East Asia. We were immersed by the peaceful and tranquil cacophony of sounds during our exploration. Every animal in the forest played their important role as to make the orchestra becomes perfect. Just like in our lives, each and every one of us has something special that others do not. We are the best of ourselves and we just need to play our own vital role in order to make the world become much livelier and harmony.

As our journey to the highest peak of Mount Kinabalu-Low’s Peak continued, I met new floras and faunas some I am familiar with other totally new. At the base of its peak, I looked up with excitement, and then out for stability. Intimidated and yet determined, I started to crawl up the mountain. I found that big rocks are not always stable.

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