The New Hype in Cyber Gaming

The New Hype in Cyber Gaming

DOTA, the new hype in cyber gaming
Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), it is a custom game coming from Warcraft III's world editor designed by Guinsoo and now was handed on to Icefrog for regular updates. For me this is a masterpiece and the growing community of DOTA players would makes this game one of the top online/ offline games. The game has survived harsh criticisms and is one of the recently inducted games in World Cyber Games. More and more players are playing DOTA instead of the original Warcraft III: Frozen Throne skirmishes.

Now on to the game, the story behind DOTA is a war between The Sentinel and The Scourge. The Sentinel are the so-called good guys who protect the World Tree against The Scourge. The main objective of the game for the Sentinel is to destroy the Frozen Throne of the Scourge which is located within their base, while for the Scourge their objective is to destroy the World Tree. The matchups between the teams would range from 1v1 to 5v5 where players get to pick their heroes (user characters) from the taverns and use it to destroy the enemy's base.

The game has many features and requires good skill and micro to be able to win. If you have a basic knowledge on Warcraft III interface, then playing DOTA would be a lot less hard. You are allowed to buy equipment that gives certain boosts to your hero, some give minimal boosts while others give your hero godlike powers (well not really).

There are a lot of techniques and tricks that take time to be learned such as last hits, creep blocking, orb walking, animation canceling and other stuff that you can use to win the game, it is generally a team game which requires coordination of skills. Usually in amateur games, the team who chains more effectively wins. In professional games, different strategies are used like 4 gankers and 1 farmer; well you'll get to learn that once you try to play.

If you are wondering who are the top teams in the international league, well it was Virtuss Pro...

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