The Pearl: Describe Pros and Cons of Selling the Pearl at the Given Price

The Pearl: Describe Pros and Cons of Selling the Pearl at the Given Price

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Topic: Describe pros and cons of selling the pearl at the given price. List at least 2 pros and cons

Kino in “The Pearl” was very lucky to find the pearl of the world which is a rare chance for the villager like him. With the full of hope of selling the pearl, Kino wish that he could get the high price and use that amount to cure his son as well as to fulfill his dream. Unfortunately, with the given price 1500 pesos, he did not agree to sell the pearl. He turns back with empty hand. How about you? What would you do if you were him? In my own words, if I were him I would sell it because of two advantages and two disadvantages.

First of all advantages, if I sell the pearl I would have a big amount of the money which is the first ever in my life for such an amount. Surely, 1500 pesos is not much for some richer but for Kino, as well as for me, it would be that much. Kino didn’t accept it because he expects that he can have much higher. If he has a chance to think again I am sure that he’d rather accept the money than taking risk.

Second of all, after selling the pearl and with that amount of the money, Kino can move to city for the better life. It is also means that he can move his family away from the problems and start a new life in the city. As we know from the story, because of the pearl people turn to be greed and trying to attack his family. So far, after selling the pearl his family can be safe. Moreover, with the given price, he can satisfy his dream by funding his son’s education, marry in the church. In the other word he can start a small business in order to support his family.

In contrast, selling the pearl at 1500 pesos, he would be cheated by the dealers. The priceless pearl of the world is big and would have much higher than the dealer-given-price. In addition, the pearl is very deficient because not all the people are lucky enough to have it.

One more disadvantage is he would lose that precious pearl...

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