The Screen Violence

The Screen Violence

Screen Violence

It is hard to watch TV, at almost any time of the day and not find violence on the screen, Cartoons are filled with it. Movies often seem to glamorize it to entertain the spectators’ and grab their attention; even video games have been recently focusing on violence, children are the easiest group to get influenced, how much they get influenced? How can we protect that group?

Studies shows that children who play violent video games fight, bully, and even commit violent crimes more than those who do not play violent video games, does that mean that video games destroy our society by turning our children into killers???
Absolutely not, in the bottom left corner of every video game in the market there is a rating board from ESRB, or “Entertainment Software Ratings Board” the board evaluates the game and grants it one of four ratings: E for everyone, T for teen, M for mature, and AO for adults only. These ratings are based on game content, for example a game that has a huge amount of violence and cursing would get the AO rating.
That rating helps the parents to choose what games their children can, or cannot play, but not everyone respect the board’s ratings, I met a lot of parents who buy their kids whatever video games they want to make them happy or satisfied, ignoring if the game is suitable for their age or not.
Is it the game industry’s fault or the careless parents’ fault to damage our children’s mental states?? I agree with everyone that the people in the game industry are bad and nasty; they don’t care about your children they don’t care if your son is cursing or going to be a criminal because of their game, they just think about making money, you “parents” have to care, you bear the responsibility of your children’s actions “Video games are a potential danger to kids, but not if their parents control what they play” that means that the Parents have the ultimate power about what happens to their children.

As we saw the video games...

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