The Suicide of Army, Who Is at Fault?

The Suicide of Army, Who Is at Fault?

ENG-099 [Essay]

“The Suicide of Army, who is at fault?”

Kyunghwan Kim
SID : 10125750

Legally speaking, all men of Korean must perform military duties during a two-year hitch. Some Koreans who give their fealty to the nation are proud of the Korean army. On the other hand, some people oppose joining the military service. There are so many accidents in the military, because of compulsory service. Often accidents are connected to death. Who is at fault? All new recruits of the Korean Army are confused and face big problems with changes to their lives and environment.
For one thing, punishment still exists among the military ranks. The worst thing is that too much punishment makes soldiers commitment suicide. But the persons connected with the army say that the discipline of the army is maintained with great strictness and severity. I understand what they say. However, the problem is that some senior officers enjoy giving out punishment too much. I know that situation, because I have already finished my military service. Nevertheless, many soldiers are suffering from punishment; the captains allow drubbing and hitting their men in order to keep good military discipline.

Secondly, all soldiers are fearful of war or death. As everybody knows, nobody wants to die during their military service. South Korea is keeping a strict watch on a surprise attacks from North Korea. The Ministry of National Defense of Korea teaches their armies that North Korea is our enemy. It is a kind of moral education. Sometimes, the experience of war causes big trauma, like amnesia, or necrophobia. After they finish military service, soldiers still might live life with a terrible disease. Moreover, many immature soldiers make a big mistake like murder because of too much fear. In addition, some young soldiers are not able to make up their minds, When they exercise how to shoot at a target. I mean, a few soldiers be killed because of only mistakes. From my...

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