The Thing

The Thing

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Jailene’s Life
A true story

By Jailene Martinez Damazo

September4, 2007: first day of school
One day on September 4, 2007 my mom woke me up to go to school I wasn’t happy about school and summer went really fast. When my mom told me about that school I thought there only where only 20 white kids in the whole 5 and 6 grades well 20 in the 6 grade and 20 in the 5 grade. I didn’t want to go in but I was forced to go in so I had no choice and it wasn’t that bad some of my old friends where there. It wasn’t so bad the first 5 months “kina”. The next month my class was changed and there was a cute boy named Pierre he is only 13 and I was all ready 10 so he failed last year and ok I’ll be honest I was about to fail to because I paid more attention to him and cadets that I never had time to do my home work when I got home. When I saw that my math and science teacher say that she was saying that she is leaving because the class was never putting there best effort.

October 15, 2007: I try outs for basketball
I woke up late that day for going to sleep late the night before. I got to school at 9:00a.m and thought I would not make the team because I turned in the form in late and thought I had a lowered than 70% in my grades. I found out that I had made the team e I had above 70% in my grades .I told all my teachers about it and they where really proud that I made it “yeah” (I said). I told both my best friends Stephanie and Alina they were both really happy for me. I felt like there is a new person being born in my self.
October 31, 2007: Halloween party
“Yes today is the HALLOWEEN and half day of school because the party” I said. “What are you coming as Jailene ask Ms.Wolf” “it is a secret” and so on with the class. Its 5:00 pm and the party is about to start at school (NHACS).It...

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