The Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms

MKT3652 Chinese Culture & Management - Assessments

1. Group Discussion/ Case study (20%)
2. Group Report (20%)
3. Group Presentation (10%)
4. Individual Assignment (20%)
5. Written Exam (30%)

I. Group Report (20%)

1.1. Choose either one topic:

a. “It is necessary to make changes according to local culture as to succeed in overseas market”. Please analyze this statement through a foreign company (listed) investing in China market.

b. Per Zhou Linong’s book ‘China Business’ (Page 59-60), please address how to tackle with the 3 problems of Chinese family business, ie. (a) Situation in which family control remains while facing market competition (b) Handling growing size of business (c) Certain traditions may act as restraints on business expansion.

1.2 Word limits = 4,000 +/- 20%

1.3 Report in hardcopy & softcopy should be submitted by Week 13 during the class

II. Group Presentation (10%)

2.1 Topic same as Group Report

2.2 Presentation = 25 minutes; Q & A = 5 minutes; Buffer = 5 minutes

2.3 Presentation will be conducted during the class with date as agreed with instructor. Submission of hardcopy & softcopy right before presentation starts.

III. Individual Assignment (20%)

3.1 Choose a book that covers “Chinese Culture & Management” to review

3.2 Word limits = 2,500 +/- 20%

3.3 Book review report should cover :

(a) A summary of main arguments & how these arguments are put forward and supported
(b) An evaluation of the book, focus on its strengths and weakness
(c) Discuss its relevance to this subject and its contribution of our understanding of it

3.4 Submission by Week 13 during the class

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