The Transitioning of All the Employees Involved

The Transitioning of All the Employees Involved

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MEMO TO: Supervisory Team

FROM: Michelle L. Bowen

DATE: January 25, 2009

SUBJECT: Management Behavior

As we all are aware we are in the beginning stages of a merger with EnviroTech, as managers we need to focus on the transitioning of all the employees involved. Giving each employee the opportunity ask question and address any concerns they may have is a good start. We have an obligation as managers to insure that the employees feel comfortable and understand how important and vital this merger is for our company.

As some of you may already know from previous memos we will be welcoming about 60 EnvironTech sales staff into the InterClean sales staff team. We are hoping that while this important merger is taking place that our productivity will continue to strive in the weeks to come. In order to assure high productivity for our company, managers behavior is the key element and will impact how their employees with perform. If we want InterClean to strive to be the best we must treat all employees with fairness and respect. We must make it a point to practice excellent and effective communication with our employees, address their concerns and answer any questions they have.

This will build loyalty and confidence and in turn will strengthen our productivity. We must promote face to face resolution to any problems that may occur within our company and strive to promote teamwork; working together is important in order to succeed as a company and as individuals. There are many employment laws that managers need to take immediate action on. As human beings we have a responsibility to uphold the law.

As managers we also have the responsibility to treat each employee equally. The important employment law for InterClean is providing workplace ethics, as managers we have to carry out InterCleans ethics policy. Having a Workplace ethics in place insures the well being of all our employees. For example, we do not tolerate workplace harassment; any...

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