The Treat of You

The Treat of You

Bosnia has gone through a lot the past hundred years. It has been the victim of three wars as
well as a target in the war with Iraq. It has been through so much yet it keeps on giving. The
capital of Bosnia is Sarajevo. This city offers much to tourists as well as the common people. But
today, we are going to focus, not on the people, but the people’s culture, and how in this part of
the world, they are affected. So we are going to focus on the Muslims and the Croats.


The Muslims have a unique set of rules that make them Into what they are today. Most
people don’t get a chance to take a look at what makes them a people, so to the average people
they may seem like strange culture. But over 40% of the population is Muslim. So to Bosnia,
this culture is average. To the Americans though, Muslims are put into a group, young and old. And they are all viewed as a threat to society.

“In the aftermath of September 11, Muslim minorities in the EU have experienced growing

distrust and hostility. As the fight against terrorism has been stepped up and the perceived threat

of religious extremism has become a major focus of public debate, pre-existing patterns of

prejudice and discrimination have been reinforced and Muslims have increasingly felt that they

are stigmatized because of their beliefs,” said Aaron Rhodes, Executive Director of the IHF.

He continued, “We are concerned that these developments threaten to undermine positive efforts

at integration and further increase the vulnerability of Muslims to human rights violations and

marginalization. We are also concerned that they may reinforce pre-existing feelings of

resentment and frustration among Muslims and erode their confidence in the authorities and the

rule of law. This may again increase the risk of growing support for organizations that advocate
violent methods to protest injustices suffered by Muslims, including terrorism.” (...

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