The Value's Position

The Value's Position

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Ethical Filter Worksheet
Ann Rose
University of Phoenix

| | | |
|Value |Personal Source |Justify the Value’s Position in the List. Include any|
| |with Examples |challenges to employing these values consistently |
| | |when making personal and organizational decisions. |
|Honesty |Honesty forms the basis for a solid future. Being |I placed honesty at the top of my list because I |
| |honest and true to yourself is always important. |believe honesty is always the best policy. Being |
| |As a child I always rely on my father’s promises but |honest and true to yourself is always important. |
| |when it was put to the test, I was just told what I |Being ethical and truthful is a important asset. My |
| |wanted to hear. As a child my grandmother would say |biggest challenge when making personal and |
| |“honest will take you through the world”. |organizational decisions is telling others the truth |
| | |even if they don’t want to hear it. |
|Personal Growth |Make use of all educational seminars, short courses |I placed personal growth second on my list because I |
| |available to employees with the organization. My...

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