The Writer in You

The Writer in You

My attitude towards writers is one of admiration & intrigue. Writers have the incredible ability to sculpt a picture & deliver pungent emotions with their words. Each writer posses his or her own unique style of writing & like the snowflakes that fall one writer cannot be compared to the others. Variety is the spice of life, thus this wellspring of mournful tales, epic adventures, songs of poetry, & true to life stories provide insight, inspiration & excitement in life.

I enjoy expressing myself through writing. When I was a little girl I wrote & illustrated a fictional short story about a bear named Becca & her family. I still have the little book bound by pastel pink yarn. It’s one of the most precious memories from my childhood. I now write mostly from my life’s experiences (Narrative) such as my hobbies, cooking, my religion, my singleness & purity, my divorce & how I overcame that difficult situation, & on occasion I have written poetry. I have a blog that I share musings on as well. Reading writings, such as Poems and Song lyrics have a calming effect on me. I also enjoy writing letters to friends and family that live far away. My Grandpa loves It when I write him letters updating him on what’s been going on in my life.

A negative aspect about writing, for me, is writers block. At times I get frustrated in writing because I think too hard about the topic & lose focus. Once I get a theme & a couple paragraphs written the rest comes easily. I find I learn more about a topic when I’m writing on it. Something about the writing process spurs on new ideas & causes me to see the topic from different angles.

To choose a favorite author was very hard as I have several. I have chosen these authors based on their significant impact on my life spiritually, emotionally & mentally. Without further adieu, my favorite writers are Eric & Leslie Ludy. While some Christian authors might hint at their faith in their books, Eric & Leslie build their writing...

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