This Is University

This Is University

Nowadays people seem to be emphasizing the importance of material circumstances in university. They say that the ideal university life should be the one with good dormitories, dinning-halls, sports stadiums and so on. I believe this is totally true. But we may have overlooked the spiritual needs.

We all know that the purpose of our university life is to prepare us for the needs of society in the future. Due to that reason, in order to make our university life more rational, there should be an impressive motto or principle for us to follow. I guess most of you have heard about these 2 universities, Yale and Oxford. But I dare say not many of you know their mottoes. Actually, the motto of Yale is “Truth and Light”, the motto of Oxford is “The Lord Is My Illumination”. Chinese universities also have such kind of mottoes, for example the motto of Tsinghua University is from “Yi Jing”(易经). I suppose these universities wouldn’t be so successful wothout practising their principles. The principle is not merely a slogan written on a paper, but the reflection of the internal spirit of a university.

Moreover, learning and scientific atmosphere is playing an more and more important role as well. The atmosphere lies in the relationship between faculty and students, the communication among students, even between different universities. My major, for instance, is Publishing and Editing. There is a same major in Wuhan University. But we know nothing about the students there, let alone communication. University life can be more meaningful and colorful with harmonious atmosphere in which everyone is open-minded and listens to each other.

Here my friends, I’d like to say that my ideal university life is far more than just a time to gain skills, it is in fact a transition from school to society, a time to discover our abilities, a time to exploit our potential, a time to broaden our views, and a time to enrich our life experience.

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