This I Believe

This I Believe

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Major Essay Assignment One: This I Believe 

OVERVIEW: Over the course of your life, you have examined your role in a number of communities—as an individual, a student, and a consumer. Now, the time has come to reflect upon what you experienced in life thus far and formulate a personal statement that reflects your unique, carefully-examined world view. I.E something you strongly believe in.
In the 1950s, journalist Edward R. Murrow hosted a weekly radio series inviting listeners “to write about the core beliefs that guide [their] daily lives.” At a time of political and cultural anxiety, the show asked Nobel laureates and citizens to articulate their personal articles of faith even as it called them to listen carefully to the beliefs of others. In 2005 This I Believe was revived for National Public Radio as a way “to encourage people to begin the … difficult task of developing respect for beliefs different from their own.” Thousands of Americans have written to join Colin Powell, Gloria Steinem, and Tony Hawk in returning the dialogue of beliefs to American broadcasting.

ASSIGNMENT: Write an essay describing an idea or principle you believe in. For this exercise to be meaningful, you must make it wholly your own. This short statement is not all you believe; it is simply a way to introduce others to some things you value and explain why you value them. In spite of the name, your belief need not be religious or even public. You may decide to focus on commitments to family, service, political action, or the arts. As you search for a focus, try to choose concrete language and find something that helps others understand your past, present, and future choices.
EVIDENCE: Personal experience is the most important type of evidence for this assignment; however, you may choose to incorporate outside sources if you choose - if you use outside sources document via MLA .
___ give your essay a title;
___ 3 to 5 pages in length

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