This I Believe

This I Believe

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Tamera Prince



This I Believe Essay

College after High School!

With the world changing and times are tough, this I believe it was time to change

with it. Being able to attend college after high school was a logical move. Meeting my

goals and learning new study habits has been a challenge for me. Having confidence in

myself can make my homework a little easier. Knowing what my strengths and

weaknesses are has been very helpful.

Going to college now for me was not a hard decision to make. With it being hard

to find a good job with benefits. I finally got tired of working for minimum wage jobs and

made the choice to go back to college. Due to my level of education and age without a

degree it has been hard for me to obtain a respectful job. Even people with a college

degree its hard to get a good paying job. When I was growing up my family wanted me to finish high school and go to

college. Now that I’m older it came to me one day, why didn’t I listen to my parents. It

seemed when we was little my friends, associates and I did not talk or even want to go to

college. Or maybe that’s what I thought was going on and it really wasn’t. Everybody

started having kids and getting married, except me.

What my friends and I did after high school one was party all the time. My parents got divorced when I was thirteen years old. I was spoiled by my grandmother who had me

and my brother most of the time. After that no one spoke to me about college not even

my mother. Life passed me bye so fast I regret a lot of things I should not have done. So

now with me at the age of thirty six and once a high school drop out, with recently

receiving my GED. This I believe college is the best thing after high school. Note going to college after high school is a good thing. Don’t wait unless you

have no other choice. I believe...

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