I Believe..

I Believe..

I believe in Bacon

Jeremiah Bellard

Mrs. Temple

Comp. Lit


What is bacon? Is it the smell of breakfast is it waking up in the morning knowing your mom has made pancakes because she could not wake you up any other way, or maybe it’s just sticky fingers covered in syrup because I could not eat it any other way. Well I believe it’s this and much, much more. Bacon is Sunday morning and Sunday night football it’s Monday morning and Friday morning. Just to make it clear I have never missed a Sunday morning or night football game or Monday night football. Bacon makes Monday not so bad and Friday that much better. If you gave me a choice between eating bacon and valley fair it might take me awhile to choose the obvious choice which would be bacon of course. I am not going to say bacon is my favorite food because it’s more than that, when you say favorite food you are implying that i can only have it once a day not so true with my bacon, I would eat bacon for lunch dinner breakfast and my midnight snack without thinking twice. I remember the first time had bacon it was about eight years ago. I had another long day of sports track n field followed by basketball and who knows what else. I wake up it’s around six thirty or so and what do I smell? The usual pancakes of course just how I like them but wait there’s something else, something sizzling and lifting my tired ass out of bed. I fall out of bed and hop to my feet because everyone knows cold pancakes and bacon and ruin your day rushing to the table I see the greatest plate of food I have ever seen, a stack of eight pancakes with little strips of bacon or as I refer to them as little strips of heaven. That day was the starting of something great my belief in bacon.

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